Good things happen when we get together.

Welcome to Men’s Sheds Edmonton, Canada.

Men’s Sheds Edmonton is a non-profit organization that builds and promotes casual spaces for all men to connect, create and socialize in a positive environment.

In other words, we get the guys together to tinker, tell stories and hang out for good fun.

Join a Shed

We don’t actually hang out in sheds. A “shed” is just shorthand for any designated place to get together. A shed could be a community hall, a church basement, or a virtual online meeting.

Joining a shed is easy. And we’re always happy to welcome new members—or as we like to call them, Shedders.

Current Men’s

Sheds in Edmonton.

Here in Edmonton, we’ve got a number of active sheds across the city. This makes it easy to find one near you. From Beacon Heights to Downtown and everywhere in between, you’re sure to find the shed that’s right for you.


What is a Men’s Shed?

A men’s shed is a relaxed and inclusive place share stories and form friendships. A place to do that thing you’ve always wanted to do—or, do nothing at all. Forget itineraries and agendas. A men’s shed is whatever its members want it to be.

Is it an actual shed?

Not necessarily. The term “shed” is shorthand for any designated spot where we get together. It could be a community hall or even an online meeting.

What happens in a men’s shed?

Lots of things. Some guys like woodworking or watching hockey. Other guys enjoy playing cards, tinkering or just having a laugh. We keep things casual and fun. No agendas here.

Does it cost anything?

Nope. It doesn’t cost you a dime.

Open a Shed

Whether you’re a veteran shedder, a prospective member, or a community champion, we’re here to help you open the next Edmonton men’s shed.

I immediately felt at home in the Men’s Sheds environment, even over a computer screen! The camaraderie was clear immediately, but neither did it feel exclusive. I’ve given several presentations to my local Men’s Shed organization and value the relationships I’ve built and the polite, respectful, and friendly discourse that followed.


Support a Shed

Building connections builds better communities.

Men’s Sheds helps to enhance the well-being of all men by encouraging social inclusion. With your help, we can combat loneliness and depression among Edmonton men.

Connected individuals lead to happier families. And happier families make healthier communities.

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