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Loneliness among men is a public health problem we can’t ignore.

With your help, we can combat the pernicious effects of loneliness in men, improve the health and well-being of our families and communities, and create a happier, more connected city.

Ways to Support

Monetary Donations

Donate a little or a lot. We gratefully accept all monetary donations to help support our sheds and shedders.

Gifts in Kind

Gifts in kind go a long way. Help fill our sheds with things like tools, building supplies, coffee and games.


From repurposed shipping containers to community halls, we’re always seeking new spaces to gather.

Want to support in other ways? Join the Board

Are you interested in joining the board and learning more about Men’s Shed Edmonton. Email us at to find out how you can become a part of this great organization.

Why Donate

Align with a local non-profit organization committed to improving the mental health and physical well-being of men in Edmonton. Raise your community profile, build brand awareness and engage your employees by becoming a Men’s Sheds Edmonton sponsor.

Men’s Sheds Edmonton helps to enhance the well-being of all men by:

  • Encouraging social inclusion
  • Providing a positive, healthy environment to talk and share (both digitally and in person)
  • Creating new friendships
  • Promoting healthy activities such as gardening or playing cards
  • Presenting opportunities to learn new skills such as woodworking
  • Offering ways to give back to the community through volunteering

I began working for Sheds as a social worker who wanted to develop some local resources for men. I kept interviewing Shedders and joining meetings to see how Sheds could work for our community. After sometime the guys said, “Well you are one of us now. You are a contributing member. And that’s how Men’s Sheds became a part of my life. Don’t tell my bosses that I get more than I give at Shed meetings.

Mandy’s husband worked alone all day and then came home to an all-female household.  Mandy knew there was a Men’s Shed in her neighbourhood and encouraged her husband to attend for some guy time. She was pleased that he came home and shared stories of projects, funny happenings, and new friends.  He was able to share his skills with others and that gave him a sense of accomplishment.  He was happy and looked forward to time with the guys.  She looked forward to a night to herself!

Dale, a local Indigenous artist, found his way to the Shedders, first to provide them with paint lessons, but he got a lot back in return. He stayed on to help build the local Shed movement. 

Sheds are a place “Where friendship is given and you are accepted. Sharing is the binding (that holds us) together,” says Dale

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If you’re looking to partner, donate or support a Men’s shed in Edmonton, please reach out using the form on the right. Otherwise, you can contact our Chairman, Punch Jackson, directly. We look forward to connecting!

Men’s Sheds Edmonton